Increase productivity and create new revenue streams

Embed products in your services offer

Unlike companies, which offer products, the service firm has labor for its key cost of sales. If a consulting firm wants to double its revenue it has to double its staff of consultants. Product based company are not limited with the same cost structure.

Typical Highest Gross Margin

Service-based firms 40%
Product-based companies 90%

Nothing to lose, but everything to gain

We productize your services in three steps

First step

We analyze your services process to discover opportunities for its automatization and functionalities enhancement.


We design and implement customized applications that automatizes your service process.

Second step

We identify the functionalities representing a value proposition to a product.


We systematize the service process transforming the automatized services into a product.

Third step

We build a revenue model for the product monetization.


High-end professional services firms as well as enterprise companies benefit twice from this solution: it increases the efficiency of their services and the productivity of the workforce, it also generates a new revenue stream with the new product monetization.

Why Mobile Application?

The mobile application choice is justified by the fact that nowadays mobile devices are very frequently in hands of customers and workforce. Mobile and wearable devices also embed sensors enabling a broad range of functions.

  • Geolocation.

  • Geofencing.

  • Location-based services.

  • Trajectory tracking and control.

  • Proximity sensing.

  • Performance measurement.

  • Environmental monitoring.

Our mobile applications are powered by cutting-edge technologies

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